SysMaster Releases an Advanced Broadband Communications Service Platform

July 01, 2004
Emeryville, CA

SysMaster Corporation, a leading provider of Voice-over-IP solutions for the enterprise, announced today the release of NORFA – an advanced broadband communications service platform. NORFA allows subscribers to take full advantage of both traditional and new generation telephony services and access them through the Internet from any location worldwide. NORFA provides ten services among which are: IP Centrex/PBX, Voicemail, Conference, Web Conference and Desktop Sharing, Follow-me/Global Roaming, Virtual Fax, Virtual Office, Class 4 Service, Callback, and SMS Messaging.

NORFA is an integrated broadband communication platform that supports the largest variety of telecom services offered to the consumer market today. The platform has a fully integrated Billing, Customer Provisioning, PBX/IP Centrex, Customer Web Management, and Telephony Application components.

NORFA is the representation of one unified and integrated consumer solution for the next generation VoIP and telephony services. The solution has been developed solely by SysMaster engineers and contains 100% SysMaster manufactured equipment and software. No other third-party manufactured devices were used to develop this highly integrated telephony platform. NORFA provides universal interfaces to third-party equipment utilizing SIP, H.323, MGCP, and SS7 over IP VoIP Protocols, as well as ISDN/PRI, CAS, SS7, GR-303, and MFC/R2 PSTN protocols.

“We designed NORFA to be the most feature-rich and integrated VoIP communications platform in the world,” said Michael Fahey, SysMaster Director of Sales. “NORFA is the only product on the market that allows fast broadband telephony implementation and provides fully integrated VoIP call routing, call management, subscriber management, subscriber billing, CPE device provisioning, and CRM service management. Customers can now launch a fully-integrated and service-rich broadband offering in just several days with virtually no development overhead.”

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About SysMaster Corp.

SysMaster Corporation is the largest VoIP billing and call routing solution company in the world with the most VoIP business platform installations. Utilizing SysMaster equipment providers deliver high-quality calling solutions for more than 100 million consumers, including small & medium enterprises and multinational businesses. SysMaster Corporation is headquartered in Emeryville, CA. For more information call 1-877-900-3993 or visit

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