SysMaster Releases VoIP VoiceMail Server

September 08, 2003
Emeryville, CA

SysMaster Corporation, a leading provider of Voice-over-IP and networking solutions for the enterprise, announced today the release of VoIP VoiceMail Server. The new product offers PSTN/VoIP functionality and addresses the voicemail needs of enterprise customers.

SysMaster VoIP VoiceMail Server supports unlimited number of mail boxes and is compliant with H.323, SIP and PSTN protocols. Callers can connect to the platform via PSTN, VoIP or Web and can retrieve voicemail messages via any of the previous methods or Email. The product supports one and two-stage dialing for user authentication as well as RADIUS interface to SysMaster VoiceMaster for easy implementation of real-time voicemail billing. With optional managed services module, the server can be virtually partitioned to allow providers to lease voicemail functionality to third-parties and completely outsource server management.

“Our VoiceMail Server is a product that multinational companies would appreciate most,” said Michael Fahey, SysMaster Director of Sales. “Used with other SysMaster products, the server enables companies to build an integrated communications infrastructure across multiple remote offices and substantially reduce their long distance bills”.

About SysMaster Corp.

SysMaster Corp. is a leading provider of Voice-over-IP and networking solutions for the enterprise. With core strengths in technology, SysMaster’s mission is to deliver robust and innovative products that empower enterprises with the very latest advances in networking and Voice-over-IP capability. All SysMaster products are engineered to work together, enabling seamless deployment across enterprises and beyond. SysMaster Corp. is headquartered in Emeryville, CA. For more information call 1-877-900-3993 or visit

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