SysMaster Rebrands "Norfa Lite" as Tornado Platform

Updated nomenclature more accurately reflects tight integration and smooth interoperability with Tornado M5 IP Phone

WALNUT CREEK, CA, November 1, 2005 – Leading VoIP solutions provider SysMaster today announced that the "Norfa Lite" product will hereafter be known as the Tornado Platform. The rebranding was decided upon in order to avoid confusion with the existing Norfa product, which addresses a different customer segment than the Tornado Platform, and to keep distinct the identity of both brands.

In particular, however, the rebranding underscores the Tornado Platform’s unique interoperability with the Tornado M5 IP Phone, a rich-featured customer premises equipment (CPE) device. The Tornado Platform works with the Tornado M5 IP Phone as a single system for delivery of IP Centrex/Hosted PBX telephony services to business and residential subscribers.

The Tornado Platform’s Intelligence-at-the-Edge architecture is a dramatic advance over the Intelligence-at-the-Core architecture used in traditional PBX and IP PBX systems — in both technology and business advantages. Intelligence-at–the-Edge architecture allows offloading the handling of resource intensive call processing functions to economical CPE devices, such as the popular Tornado M5 IP Phone. This capability frees up substantial main server capacity for handling higher traffic volumes for greater revenue and for carrying out cost-effective billing and call management. The Tornado Platform thus opens up much greater revenue, profit and cost savings for service providers.

[The following text recapitulates that of the original “Norfa Lite” press release of October 14, 2005, This product’s name is now superseded by the name of Tornado Platform.]

Burdening central servers with cost-ineffective call processing functions has long put a crimp in profitability for providers offering residential and enterprise broadband VoIP services. Enabling a cheap end-user device to take over is being hailed as a leap of progress. Providers instantly gain capacity and scalability on equipment, reducing capital outlay and raising ROI. And since end-users purchase their own CPE devices, they now essentially share call processing costs, giving service providers even lower overall infrastructure costs and offering yet another margin of savings.

While the Tornado Platform promises major benefits to larger telecoms, it delivers even greater proportionate benefits to smaller providers, increasing their profit margins and making it easier for them to add features, compete effectively and satisfy customers. SysMaster is noted for the smooth scalability of its products, and the Tornado Platform reflects that simplicity. As a service provider grows, adding new subscribers is as easy as installing an additional Tornado M5 IP Phone—paid for by the subscriber. Thus, costs of growth are minimal for provider and customer alike.

Highly fault-tolerant, the Tornado Platform’s architecture enables easy implementation of N+1 redundancy, in which multiple servers can back a single domain name. If one server fails, another instantly picks up call traffic, ensuring carrier-grade system uptime and reliability for smaller telecoms. The Tornado Platform is being welcomed by service providers as a major new resource enabling affordable, cost-efficient growth.

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