SysMaster Releases Automated Call Distribution (ACD) Module

November 10, 2003
Emeryville, CA

SysMaster Corporation, a leading provider of Voice-over-IP and networking solutions for the enterprise, announced today the release of Automated Call Distribution (ACD) Module for its VoIP PBX Server. The ACD module allows rule based distribution of incoming customer calls and improved agent workload.

The Automatic Call Distribution Module offers advanced routing functionality for incoming customer calls. Such calls can be routed to any number of legitimate endpoints such as: ACD groups and queues, broadcast or rotational dial groups, voicemail servers, conference servers, follow-me servers, etc. The system allows administrators to define ACD groups and select among several distribution methods to group members, including: (1) Rotational/Round-Robin, (2) Least Utilized, (3) Predictive (based on prior customer communication history), and (4) Assigned by Manager.

“The addition of ACD functionality to our PBX platform is a step towards establishing company presence in the contact center segment,” said Michael Fahey, SysMaster Director of Sales. “For decades, contact centers have relied heavily on traditional communications equipment, neglecting newer technologies. In the past few years, however, more and more managers realize the benefits of packet-based communications and VoIP equipment is steadily gaining market share in the segment. We plan to leverage on our expertise as a total communications solutions provider and expand our product offerings for the contact center segment”.

About SysMaster Corp.

SysMaster Corp. is a leading provider of Voice-over-IP and networking solutions for the enterprise. With core strengths in technology, SysMaster’s mission is to deliver robust and innovative products that empower enterprises with the very latest advances in networking and Voice-over-IP capability. All SysMaster products are engineered to work together, enabling seamless deployment across enterprises and beyond. SysMaster Corp. is headquartered in Emeryville, CA. For more information call 1-877-900-3993 or visit

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