SysMaster Corporation Successfully Implements Infrastructure Project with Sony Corporation

May 07, 2002
Emeryville, CA

SysMaster Corporation announced today that the company has successfully implemented advanced loadbalancing features in the sophisticated network environment of Sony. "The Sony project was a complete and easy success due to the unique feature that our product offers called "Route Bridging", that allowed transparent device integration into any corporate environment without any infrastructure changes.", said Michael Fahey, "Sony did not change any original network infrastructure settings including routers, uplinks, or gateway changes. It was a quick job for our support engineers"

SysMaster is an advanced network management platform that offers advanced bandwidth management, load balancing, firewall, traffic shaping, and advanced routing features. The product versatility allows flexible integration with minimum downtime for corporate environments and offers quick upgrades for any changes in network infrastructure.

About SysMaster Corp.

SysMaster Corp. is a leading provider of Voice-over-IP and networking solutions for the enterprise. With core strengths in technology, SysMaster’s mission is to deliver robust and innovative products that empower enterprises with the very latest advances in networking and Voice-over-IP capability. All SysMaster products are engineered to work together, enabling seamless deployment across enterprises and beyond. SysMaster Corp. is headquartered in Emeryville, CA. For more information call 1-877-900-3993 or visit

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