SysMaster Releases VoIP Gatekeeper

September 12, 2002
Emeryville, CA

SysMaster Corporation, a leading provider of Voice-over-IP and networking solutions for the enterprise, announced today the release of a full scale, H.323/SIP compliant VoIP Gatekeeper. The product, which is the second member of SysMaster’s line of VoIP products, is the only gatekeeper in the industry that allows dynamic call control through a proprietary calling time authorization mechanism.

SysMaster’s VoIP Gatekeeper in an advanced gatekeeper that integrates seamlessly with all H.323/SIP compliant gateways and gatekeepers. A unique feature of the gatekeeper is the support for dynamic authentication where end-points registered with the gatekeeper can dynamically change their IP addresses. The product supports static, routed and proxy operation modes and offers multiple authentication methods, including ANI, PIN, Tech-prefix, H323 (User Name), Caller ID, and IP address. SysMaster’s VoIP Gatekeeper also offers advanced features, such as Least Cost Routing (LCR), Preferred Provider Routing, Average Success Rate (ASR) routing as well as Route Fail Over based on L3, L4, and L7 remote service checks.

“The release of our VoIP Gatekeeper is another successful step towards solidifying SysMaster’s growing presence in the VoIP equipment market,” said Michael Fahey, SysMaster Director of Sales. “It is also our first step towards becoming a total solution provider for the VoIP equipment market. In the near future, we intend to continue developing products that are complimentary to our VoiceMaster Billing Platform as we move towards becoming a one stop shop for VoIP equipment”.

About SysMaster Corp.

SysMaster Corp. is a leading provider of Voice-over-IP and networking solutions for the enterprise. With core strengths in technology, SysMaster’s mission is to deliver robust and innovative products that empower enterprises with the very latest advances in networking and Voice-over-IP capability. All SysMaster products are engineered to work together, enabling seamless deployment across enterprises and beyond. SysMaster Corp. is headquartered in Emeryville, CA. For more information call 1-877-900-3993 or visit

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