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Digital Signage Solution

Business Opportunity

Traditional printed signage has long been used in the retail and hospitality sectors to attract prospects and facilitate purchasing decisions. A major drawback of printed signage as a marketing tool is its static nature. While innovations such as scrolling motion displays have partially addressed that problem, it was not until digital signage came into existence when providers gained full control over delivering their marketing messages to targeted prospects.

Digital signage offers major benefits over printed signage. In particular, with digital signage content can be changed easily, animations can be shown and content can adapt to the context and audience, even interactively. Thus digital signage opens the doors for providers to present the right message, at the right time, to the right audience, and influence directly their purchasing decisions.

With its dynamic nature, digital signage opens new revenue generating opportunities for service providers. By dynamically changing content and implementing creative billing models, service providers can now monetize better their display inventory. For example, with digital signage, providers can rotate fast food ads in the morning hours and movie ads in the afternoon hours to maximize the advertising impact and correspondingly maximize their advertising revenues. Unquestionable, digital signage can be a powerful marketing tool if used properly; however its full potential can only be achieved with the use of the right technology solution.

Business Solution

SysMaster, a leading provider of IP communications equipment, now offers flexible, feature rich and affordable digital signage solution. The solution provides centralized workflow management of digital signage networks, including creation of playlists, distribution of content, and management of media players. The solution offers easy product administration and management via a browser based graphical user interface.

How does the solution work?

  • The provider logs in the DSign server via a web browser.
  • The provider defines content objects (video files, live video feed or webpages).
  • The provider creates content layouts that define how content should be displayed by the media players on the TV screens.
  • The provider creates playlists by adding content objects and content layouts.
  • The provider associates media players (Tornado M60 Digital Media Center PCs) with the playlists.
  • With a click of a button, the provider instructs DSign to distribute the playlists to the media players.
  • Upon completing playlists and content download from the DSign server, the Tornado M60 media players start playing the content objects on the playlists sequentially. When the last content object is played, the cycle repeats until new playlists are pushed to the media players.

Solution components and requirements

Core elements of SysMaster's Digital Signage Solution include:

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