SysMaster announces emergency public announcement feature on its Broadcasters

WALNUT CREEK, CA, February 7, 2012 – SysMaster Corporation, a leading provider of IPTV, VOIP and Wireless solutions for telecoms, enterprises, hotels, schools, hospitals and service providers, has added a powerful new feature to its popular Broadcaster line of products - automatically switch the video feed to all the set top boxes to the special announcements.

During the times of acute weather like hurricanes, tornadoes or flash floods or in times of national emergencies like war, it is very essential that all citizens are alerted at short notice through all available media channels radio, television, telephones and mobile phones. A national Emergency Alert System is in place in most countries and these systems are continuously being refined to take advantage of advances in technology. As a leading provider of technology solutions to schools, hotels and enterprises, Sysmaster has added the emergency public announcement feature on its Broadcaster line of products. Upon receipt of a video feed on pre-defined emergency channels, automatically all the set top boxes in the network will automatically switch to the emergency announcements. This feature can also be used by school principals, school administrators and hotel management to broadcast any localized instructions specific to their institutions, when necessary.

"SysMaster wants to make our products compliant to local regulations in all the countries where we sell our products and this is a step in that direction," says SysMaster CEO. "The emergency announcement system automates the process of switching the video feed without any manual intervention, to make sure that lack of trained personnel at the right time is not a deterrent in transmitting life saving announcements, at times of emergencies"

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