SysMaster releases VoipWare a fully integrated VOIP solution with low price tag.

Integrated hardware/software server with advanced call processing capability – billing, calling card, call back, IVR over SIP, soft phone, SIP encryption and many more powerful features.

WALNUT CREEK, CA, March 4, 2010 – SysMaster Corporation, a leading provider of VoIP, IPTV and Wireless solutions for telecoms and service providers, announces release of the Voipware. Sysmaster’s has been a market leader in the VOIP billing and calling card products through their flagship product Voicemaster for several years now with more than 1500 installations in over 70 countries. The market for VOIP has undergone a remarkable transformation with many of the major carriers offering VOIP serve rs or using VOIP backbone. A new market has emerged in recent years for small entrepreneurs taking advantage of the SIP only services. Sysmaster has introduced their new product VoipWare to address this segment at an aggressively low price point, without compromising on the features.

SysMaster’s VoipWare is a complete integrated hardware/software server platform and includes Advanced Billing Functionality, Advanced IVR over SIP for Calling Card and Call Back, SIP Proxy and SIP Registrar. VoipWare also includes a SIP soft phone with SIP Encryption capability. The product utilizes a robust SQL database running under Linux OS. VoipWare supports industry standard RADIUS protocol and multiple authentication methods including, ANI, DNIS, PIN, Caller ID, and IP address. Sysmaster VoipWare offers ANI/DNIS based billing, Fraud Detection/Number blocking and Number Redirect Functions for easy inbound and outbound number mapping, management, and development of custom billing rules. Sysmaster VoipWare offers Speed dial to allow all customers to create favorite numbers and select these numbers by speed-dialing them. Sysmaster VoipWare has an integrated CRM Web site to allow quick business deployment. All CRM documents and forms can be managed by the system owner and since they are template-based their text and images can be changed on the fly. Custom designs are also very easy to develop.

“SysMaster offers products to address multiple market segments within the same product category and VoipWare is aggressively priced to compete with the low-end of the VOIP market” says Willy Valera, Director of Sales. “We have packed a lot of functionality into VoipWare – Billing, IVR over SIP, Call Back and many other features, to offer small entrepreneurs a head start in their business. They can migrate to our high end platforms once they establish their business”

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