SysMaster IPTV solution deployed for Kosovo’s leading ISP Kujtesa

Walnut Creek, California 05 March 2013 – SysMaster, a leader in video streaming solutions and service infrastructure for live TV and video on demand (VOD), today announced that Kujtesa, one of the leading ISPs in Kosovo, has chosen to deploy its IPTV Encoders, Streaming Server, Middleware (CMS) and IPTV Set Top Boxes for use within Kujtesa’s network. SysMaster IPTV Encoders receive live television broadcasts in DVB format and streams them over an IP network using their flagship products VoiceMaster CMS Middleware and iptvSwitch Streaming Server.

Kujtesa will also be providing SysMaster’s IPTV Set Top Boxes to their subscribers. Kujtesa chose SysMaster’s IPTV solution to provide live broadcast feeds across its internal IP network to their existing data and voice subscribers.

“Thanks to SysMaster, we have built a state of the art IPTV service offering allowing us to ensure delivery of the high quality programming that our viewing public has come to expect.”, said Shpend Bakalli, Head of IT Infrastructure at Kujtesa.

“We are very pleased that Kujtesa has chosen our IPTV solution”, said Erkan Akca, Director of Business Development of Sales, EMEA at SysMaster. “Our IPTV solutions are designed to be easy to manage and fully interoperable within existing IP networks making it an ideal solution for ISPs, WISPs & and Cable Operators.”, said Mr. Akca.

About Kujtesa

Established in October 1995, Kujtesa has developed into a key leader in the telecom market IP-based services for organizations, businesses and individual users. Kujtesa was established during a period when there was very little supply of services and computer products in combination with the great need for computer use of the Internet by businesses and households. In a very small office, the company's management team, specializing in the sale of computers became very successful in providing computers for customers.

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