SysMaster enhances Broadcaster Titan with more capacity and CI support

Powerful high density device that can capture signals from multiple satellite transponders and send them over IP to end user devices

WALNUT CREEK, CA, March 14, 2014 – SysMaster Corporation, a leading provider of VoIP, IPTV and Wireless solutions for telecoms, enterprises and service providers, announces release of advanced models of Broadcaster Titan, a Ultra-High capacity DVB-IP Gateway aimed at the Enterprise, Educational and Hospitality markets. Broadcaster Titan functionality has been further enhanced by the addition of CI/CI+ slots to receive encrypted satellite streams, a critical requirement in the Hospitality and Service Provider scenarios.

With advances in technology, availability of Quad DVB-S/S2 and Dual DVB-S/S2 cards and higher power servers, the new Broadcaster Titan has the ability to capture channels from 12 satellite transponders at the same time. With the more channel availability increasing the choice of the customers, and the new channels jostling for space on different satellites, increased transponder density on the Broadcaster has become critical to offer a wide variety of channels to end users. Sysmaster will continue to upgrade the support of more transponders to Broadcaster Titan, in the very near future.
Most of the premium satellite channels are encrypted and the service providers require the end users to have conditional access modules to decrypt the streams. CI/CI+ cards are removable conditional access modules sold by the service providers. Sysmaster has integrated the DVB-S2 cards with CI+ in Broadcaster Titan, to enable the reception of premium content and transmission over secure IP connections to the end users. We currently support CI/CI+ v 1.4 on Broadcaster Titan.

Broadcaster Titan is a multi-functional device – it captures the satellite signals via eight DVB-S/S2 interfaces converts them to IP and streams them across the Unicast or Multicast networks. Broadcaster Titan has built-in authentication based on MAC address, IP address and subscriber balance and limited billing capability, which makes it an ideal product for commercial establishments like hotels, hospitals and MTU/MDUs. Broadcaster Titan includes an advanced API interface to remote middleware or billing servers. The server can be configured to send billing information before and/or after each channel access utilizing a simple HTTP request to the remote third-party server in real-time. This high performance device delivers a whopping 96 channels of output multiple satellite transponders.

"Enterprises, Educational institutions and commercial establishments like Hotels & Hospitals are always looking for compact devices to deliver premium content and high throughput for video delivery and Broadcaster Titan will fit the bill with its support for CI/CI+”, says Sysmaster CEO. The ability to receive channels from over 12 satellite transponders in a single 2U box reduces rack space and power consumption and the total cost of ownership. “With several optional functionalities like transcoding, billing, VOD and flash streaming support, this versatile device can be a single box solution for many smaller establishments”, added Sysmaster CEO.

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