SysMaster offers a revolutionary GSM Termination solution

Great solution for GSM Termination providers who face technical and regulatory challenges

WALNUT CREEK, CA, April 17, 2012 SysMaster Corporation, a leading provider of VoIP, IPTV and Wireless solutions for telecoms, enterprises and service providers, released a new GSM Termination solution for Termination providers. Regulatory authorities in most countries have highly sophisticated methodologies to restrict the operation of GSM Termination providers who work to make the termination rates affordable to the cost conscious public. Sysmaster GSM Termination solution overcomes many of the restrictions imposed by the GSM operators like destination number traps, call termination detection, human call emulation etc..

Sysmaster GSM Termination solution is a complete offering, inclusive of the softswitch and billing and is based on the legacy VOIP products of Sysmaster with their user-friendly and configuration friendly interfaces. The solution offers sophisticated white list/black list management techniques to eliminate destination number traps, uses complex software methods to spread the calls evenly among multiple SIM banks and to keep the outbound to inbound call ratio even, to avoid GSM Call Termination Detection. Our GSM solution allows SIM card sharing among multiple remote GSM modules and real-time monitoring of card balances and ACD to ensure that inbound traffic is not routed to depleted/suspended cards.

"SysMaster works on a continuous and ongoing basis with our clientele to offer the latest solutions and also overcome any issues existing customers are facing due to changes in technology in the VOIP Ecosystem. We have designed our GSM Termination system based on the feedback we have received from many of the Termination Providers who have been working with Sysmaster products from over 11 years. We have studied the market carefully and designed a system which will overcome the many issues faced by GSM Termination Providers this is a dynamic environment and we will be monitoring the market closely and refine our solution constantly to be one step ahead of the competition" says SysMaster CEO. "The ability to do multiple channels on a single encoder lowers the cost per channel, rack space and power consumption, making it an attractive option for all IPTV/Internet TV service providers"

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SysMaster is a leading vendor of VoIP, IPTV, and Wireless products and solutions, serving telecoms and service providers. SysMaster’s innovative and popular offerings include the VoiceMaster® VoIP Billing server, the SM7000 VoIP Gateway, the Tornado M10 IPTV Set Top Box, the CellNode M100 WiFi Access Node, and many others. To learn more about SysMaster's products and solutions, call us at 1-877-900-3993 in the U.S. or 1-510-420-8837 outside the U.S., or visit


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