SysMaster Corporation Seals Deal with Turkmenistanís Kuwwat Merkezi for End-to-End Integrated IPTV Solution

Orders Represent Largest Project of its Kind Awarded to a Single Manufacturer in the IPTV Industry in Recent Years in Turkmenistan

WALNUT CREEK, December 13, 2013 – SysMaster Corporation, the leader IPTV Solutions provider in the delivery of content over any network, has secured significant orders from Turkmenistanís Kuwwat Merkezi, Information Technology company, for an end-to-end integrated SysMaster IPTV and VOD solution. The SysMaster products are shipping to meet the tight delivery and installation deadlines ó as the deployment is due to go online on 1st February 2014.

The orders comprise best-in-class SysMaster products that will furnish Presidential Palaceís live TV needs as well as VOD services in Ashgabat including the Video Headend; Encoders, Streaming servers, middleware; Content Management and Billing, IPTV Set top Boxes, as well as the Web TV solution products. Kuwwat Merkezi, the largest information technolgies company in Turkmenistan and its subsidiary company and system integrator, ATEA in Sofia, Bulgaria secured this project in Ashgabat and worked in collaboration with SysMaster Corporation to finalize the product requirements for this project.
"Thanks to SysMaster, we will have a state of the art IPTV and VOD services allowing our client to ensure delivery of the high quality programming to their guests staying in the Presidential Palace.Ē, said Alexander Balakley, General Manager at Kuwwat Merkezi. When complete, this will be one of the best examples of modern IPTV technology in government-owned facility," said Mr. Balakley. "We chose SysMaster as our technology partner on this IPTV project because the company has a long history in the design and manufacture of reliable and robust IPTV products and we know we can depend on them to deliver the promised solutions."

Mr. Balakley continues, "The SysMaster IPTV systems will distribute both the pre-recorded content for clientís executives and administrative staff to view around the new facility but it will also be used to transmit over 150 live channels. We believe that this IPTV solution is the best way to transmit so many channels of SD and HD programming across different platforms. SysMaster is collaborating with our engineers to provide the best implementation of their integrated solutions ó even as the dust continues to cover the construction site."

The orders at Kuwwat Merkezi consist of some of the latest SysMaster products from the Pleada IPTV family of products including the ComboSwitch Titans, VoiceMaster Content Management Platform with high-performance online storage, iptvSwitch Streaming Servers, as well as cutting-edge IPTV Set Top Boxes for the guests and the personnel. The IPTV project will also include the SysMasterís Dsign Digital Signage solution integrated with the VoiceMaster Content Management Platform to support the delivery of digital signage programming to the selected screens throughout the palace.

"This is one of the largest IPTV projects that has been awarded in Turkmenistan in recent years," said Erkan Akca, Director of Business Development & Sales, EMEA at SysMaster Corporation. ďThe win at Kuwwat Merkezi represents another key success for the SysMaster integrated solutions approach that has been so successful at many IPTV and VOD installations around the world." Mr. Akca continued, "Our expanded regional presence has enabled us to work closely with all the engineering teams involved with the Presidential Place project to bring this facility to life in time for its launch next month. The scale of the project has demanded accurate timing and precision processing, and the backing of all teams has been unfailing throughout this process."

About Kuwwat Merkezi
Kuwwat Merkezi was established in 2010 as communication and security systems integrator and products supplier for Turkmenistan market. Initially the company started its activities with supply and installation of conventional RF systems and later diversifying into other communication media. Kuwwat Merkeziís mission is improvement of operation efficiency and safety of continuously progressive organizations in Turkmenistan and other regions of Central Asia by delivering of future oriented and high-reliable communication & IT Solutions. Companyís official business partners are: GE Security, Alcatel-Lucent, Mils Electronic, SysMaster Corporation, Axis Communications, Cisco and Avaya.

About SysMaster Corporation
SysMaster is a leading vendor of VoIP, IPTV, and Wireless products and solutions, serving telecoms and service providers. SysMaster’s innovative and popular offerings include the VoiceMaster® VoIP Billing server, the SM7000 VoIP Gateway, the Tornado M10 IPTV Set Top Box, the CellNode M100 WiFi Access Node, and many others. To learn more about SysMaster's products and solutions, call us at +1-925-891-7813 or visit


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