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VODware IPTV Standard Server

Integrated Solution for VOD and IPTV Enterprise

Product Overview

VODware IPTV Standard Server is an IPTV product, designed for management and delivery of Video-on-Demand (VOD) and IPTV in hotels, hospital, apartment complexes, universities, churches and other enterprises. The product enables the delivery of IPTV video stream to each subscriber over LAN or WAN IP network. It features intelligent content management, flexible billing and robust content delivery capabilities. VODware IPTV Standard Server has an integrated, turn-key solution to enable Video/Audio content delivery to a limited number of subscribers.

Key Features

  • Video-on-Demand (VOD) and IPTV Channel Management
  • Video Content Delivery
  • High-Volume Multicast and Unicast Streaming
  • Embedded Advanced Streamer
  • Advanced Content Billing
  • Management of Content Objects, Lists and Plans
  • 100+ Over-The-Top (OTT) and Free-To-Air (FTA) Channel Support *

Video-on-Demand (VOD) and IPTV Management

VODware IPTV Standard Server is specifically designed for management and billing of Video-on-Demand (VOD) and IPTV services for hotels, hospital, universities, churches and other enterprises. When a subscriber requests a particular VOD or IPTV content using the remote control, the corresponding set-top-box sends a request to centralized VOD/CMS server. The operator of the server can centrally define Channel Lists, EPG (Electronic Program Guide), Channel Cost, PPV (Pay per View) Lists, VOD Lists and other media specific processing features.

Video Content Delivery

VODware IPTV Standard Server has an integrated video streamer which distributes video content to each subscriber over LAN or WAN IP network. The video streamer supports high compression MPEG2, MPEG4 and H264 technologies, which enable it to deliver high quality video while minimizing network load.

High-Volume Multicast and Unicast Streaming

VODware IPTV Standard Server supports both multicast and unicast streaming to allow LAN and WAN customers to be serviced concurrently. The server will accept individual subscriber Internet connections as well as local area network connections. It supports TCP protocol for unmatched service quality and reliability that is accomplished by the utilization of error correction mechanism. In addition, the server has a built-in stream cache that will recover from temporary feed failures. In unicast channel streaming, VODware IPTV Standard Server can service up to 200 concurrent subscribers, while in multicast mode the number of concurrent subscribers is much higher.

Embedded Advanced Streamer

VODware IPTV Standard Server also features Advanced Streamer capabilities. System operators can utilize the product to offer IPTV and VOD over LAN for local subscribers and over WAN for remote subscribers. Both network implementations can work in parallel to allow business flexibility and high video quality.

Advanced Content Billing

VODware IPTV Standard Server offers real-time authentication and billing of subscribers. The product dynamically authenticates subscribers who request content, and authorizes content delivery based on account permissions and available balances. During content delivery, the product performs real-time billing which reduces the risk of uncollectible accounts. The system supports both pre-paid and post-paid billing models for improved business flexibility.

Management of Content Objects, Lists and Plans

VoiceMaster® Content Management and Billing offers intelligent management of audio and video streams and online services. Each content type is treated as a content object; such objects can be grouped into lists and bundled into content plans. The end-user can subscribe to his/her preferred content plan and access all content objects associated with it.

100+ Over-The-Top (OTT) and Free-To-Air (FTA) Channel Support *

The server includes over 100 built-in OTT and FTA channels that allow service jump-start with a large number of pre-defined channels. In addition, the OTT channels do not require bandwidth support because the STB devices will access them directly without connecting to the Streaming server. OTT and FTA channels are great IPTV service complement that provides better channel variety and selection.

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