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VoiceMaster® ISP Billing

Product Overview

VoiceMaster® ISP Billing is advanced billing server that enables Internet Service Providers (ISP) to authenticate and bill their subscribers in broadband and/or wireless environments. The product features advanced subscriber authentication, granular billing, comprehensive reporting and high reliability. Combined with other SysMaster products, VoiceMaster® ISP Billing offers end-to-end infrastructure solutions for ISP providers.

Key Features

- Pre/Post-Paid Billing Support
- PIN or Username/Password Authentication
- Time and Flat Fee Billing
- Bandwidth Usage Billing
- Real-time Monitoring and Alerts
- Comprehensive Reporting
- Virtual Server Partitioning
- Carrier Grade Reliability

Pre/Post-Paid Billing Support

VoiceMaster® ISP Billing supports both pre-paid and post-paid billing to allow extra flexibility for ISP providers and subscribers. The pre-paid billing method is more universal, as it allows providers to extend services subscribers without taking risk of non-payment. All session requests are billed in real-time which to ensure that whenever account balance is depleted the subscriber sessions will be disconnected. In post-paid billing scenario, ISP providers extend credit to subscribers in order to increase the demand for their services but take the risk of non-payment.

PIN or Username/Password Authentication

VoiceMaster® ISP Billing comes with integrated state-of-the-art RADIUS server which allows it to perform multiple authentication methods to best fit the requirements of the business model used by a particular ISP provider. In particular, the product can authenticate subscribers by PIN or username/password combinations.

Time and Flat Fee Billing

VoiceMaster® ISP Billing supports multiple billing options, including time billing and flat fee billing. Time billing is the traditional billing method in the ISP industry where subscribers are billed by minute of service usage. Nowadays, however, more subscribers prefer to pay a flat fee for ISP services regardless of usage.

Bandwidth Usage Billing

VoiceMaster® ISP Billing also enables ISP providers to bill their subscribers by unit of bandwidth usage, such as Kilobyte. Because some applications have low while others high bandwidth requirements, by utilizing bandwidth usage billing, ISP providers can effectively segment subscribers and target specific market niches.

Real-Time Monitoring and Alerts

To ensure early diagnostic and timely problem resolution, VoiceMaster® ISP Billing offers comprehensive real-time monitoring and alert capabilities. The product can notify administrators via email alerts when particular events occur, such as when subscribers sign up for services or cancel subscriptions. Additionally, administrators can monitor in real-time multiple logs, including web access, Radius, CDR extract, FTP and others.

Comprehensive Reporting

VoiceMaster® ISP Billing offers comprehensive reporting capabilities which enable providers to manage their businesses more effectively. The product provides multiple customizable reports including, accounting, revenue, expenses and others.

Virtual Server Partitioning

VoiceMaster® ISP Billing offers virtual server partitioning functionality which enables providers to quickly grow their businesses through leveraging relationships with third parties. By partitioning a single VoiceMaster® server, providers can lease its functionality to multiple resellers and generate revenues via revenue splits or by charging monthly, setup and per subscriber fees.

Carrier Grade Reliability

VoiceMaster® ISP Billing offers improved system availability and reliability through support for redundant server configurations. Providers can set up an active and a passive server with periodic database replications between servers. The passive server can perform periodic status checks on the active one and can take over traffic if the latter becomes temporarily unavailable.


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