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Tornado DLNA Server


Tornado DLNA Server is a FREE Windows DLNA/uPnP server that allows easy streaming of files from your PC to your DLNA/uPnP capable devices such as Tornado M55/M53. The DLNA server can be downloaded free of charge and be used in home, educational and business environments.

Key Features

  • Video, Audio, Picture Folder management
  • Auto Content Refresh
  • Auto Server Restart
  • Subscription Management that includes Block and Unsubscribe functions
  • Support for Video Subtitles
  • Support for Trick-Play, Pause, Forward, Backward, Resume
  • Support for Video and Audio Thumbnails.
  • Support for most popular DLNA/uPnP capable devices

To download the FREE Windows Tornado DLNA/uPnP server click here.



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