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Recent enhancements in technologies for delivery of high quality video streams open up new revenue generating opportunities for service providers. With the introduction of MPEG-4 compression and proliferation of broadband last mile infrastructure, it becomes feasible and cost effective to offer real-time video content to subscribers delivered over broadband lines. Because video content has a high perceived value by consumers, it offers higher margins to service providers and as a result many providers today are looking for a technological solution that would allow them to get into that lucrative market segment.

Leveraging on its network technology expertise, SysMaster has developed cutting-edge video products that encompass all key elements of modern networks for delivery of video content to subscribers, including billing and content management servers, video concentrators, video streaming servers, and customer premise equipment devices. Such products enable service providers to quickly build network infrastructure and offer high value-added video content delivered directly to the TV sets of their subscribers. SysMaster’s video product line includes VoiceMaster® Content Management and Billing Platform, comboSwitch Media Concentrator, iptvSwitch Streaming Server, muSwitch Stream Converter, Broadcaster, Tornado M55 IPTV Set Top Box, Tornado M60 Digital Media Center PC, Tornado M20 IP Video Phone, Hotel 3Play, and Tornado DMC.

VoiceMaster® Content Management and Billing is a robust and reliable content management and billing server which enables service providers to deliver to their subscribers multiple content streams, including IPTV, Video and Voice.


iptvSwitch Streaming Server is universal TV, video, audio and content streaming server offering service providers an easy entry into the lucrative IPTV and Streaming content markets. 


comboSwitch Media Concentrator is a robust and scalable audio/video encoder designed for implementation in IP TV, Video-on-Demand, Audio-on-Demand, and Pay-per-View infrastructure.

Tornado M55 is an innovative and feature-rich High-Definition set-top-box (STB), specifically designed for deployment in IPTV and Video-on-Demand infrastructures.


Tornado M20 VoIP Video Phone is advanced VoIP and Video phone offering a complete set of IP Centrex features, video conferencing, Video-on-Demand, IP TV and other streaming audio and video services.


muSwitch is a universal stream converter that enables providers to deliver Multicast IPTV streams to end-users in Unicast format, thereby reducing backbone congestion and improving stream quality.

Pleada System is a highly scalable, feature rich, and integrated triple play system that enables service providers to cost-effectively launch residential and business voice, video and data services.


Tornado DMC is a software application for playback of IPTV, Video-on-Demand, Digital Music and Internet Radio streams on a personal computer.


VODware IPTV Standard Server is an IPTV product, designed for management and delivery of Video-on-Demand (VOD) and IPTV in hotels, hospital, apartment complexes, universities, churches and other enterprises.

Digital Signage Server is a specialized server for centralized management of digital signage networks. The product performs centralized workflow management, including playlists creation, content distribution and remote media player management.


Broadcaster supports satellite feed streaming to multicast and unicast subscribers. The subscribers are authenticated based on MAC address or IP address. In addition, the broadcaster provides limited billing functionality with session recording.


Tornado M60 is a powerful and noiseless Digital Signage Client Personal Computer that supports Standard and High Definition (HD) video, audio/video playback, web browsing and a myriad of media applications.


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