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PBX Lite

Product Overview

PBX Lite is a feature-rich and versatile IP PBX ideal for small to medium-sized businesses. The product offers full PBX functionality, including VoiceMail, Auto Attendant, Music-on-Hold, Automatic Call Distribution, Conferencing and Follow-me for a fraction of the cost of comparable traditional PBX systems. PBX Lite also offer greater user flexibility as it supports both local and remote extensions, thus enabling businesses to use a single communication system across multiple offices. Because PBX Lite is a hybrid system, it offers the best of both worlds – the reliability of the traditional phone telephone network (PSTN) and the cost-effectiveness and flexibility of Voice-over-IP networks.

Key Features

  • Full Range of PBX Features
  • Support for Local and Remote Extensions
  • Deployable in PSTN, VoIP or Hybrid Environment
  • Unlimited Extensions and High Call Capacity
  • Automatic Call Distribution
  • Voicemail with Unified Messaging
  • Advanced Auto Attendant/IVR
  • Music-on-Hold
  • Conferencing* and Follow-me*

Full Range of PBX Features

PBX Lite offers a full range of traditional PBX features like Call Waiting, Call on Hold, Call Transfer, Call Park, 3-way Calling, Caller ID, Caller ID Block, Call Screening, Do-Not-Disturb (DND), Call Recording, Speed 2-digit Dialing, White and Black Lists, and more. All such features are available to both local and remote extensions.

Support for Local and Remote Extensions

Because PBX Lite is a hybrid system, it offers more flexibility to businesses. Unlike traditional PBX systems, PBX Lite supports both local and remote extensions that allow users to make and receive calls from anywhere. PBX Lite utilizes the Internet to bridge calls between local and remote extensions and enables companies to decentralize their organizational structures while enjoying zero costs for intra and inter office calls.

Deployable in PSTN, VoIP or Hybrid Environment

PBX Lite is designed to operate in VoIP, PSTN or hybrid environment. Businesses that are not ready to switch to pure VoIP, can still benefit from the technology. For example, they can keep their regular calls going out over PSTN lines and use VoIP only for intra and inter office calls to reduce the cost of internal communications. When businesses decide to switch to 100% VoIP communications, they will enjoy extra benefits, such as lower costs of long distance and international calls.

Unlimited Extensions and High Call Capacity

PBX Lite allows businesses to minimize initial investments in communications infrastructure while preserving the option to scale up when needed. Adding an extension to PBX Lite is as easy as adding an extra phone and performing short configuration setup via a web browser. The system supports unlimited number of extensions and up to 30 simultaneous calls. Businesses that outgrow system capacity can either add a second server or upgrade to SysMaster PBX products with higher capacity.

Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)

PBX Lite offers ACD functionality which enables companies to reduce call waiting time for their customers. ACD allows PBX extensions to be associated with one or more groups (e.g. sales, customer support, business development etc.). When the auto attendant routes calls to a particular group, PBX Lite will ring associated extensions in a sequential or rotational manner.

Voicemail with Unified Messaging

PBX Lite offers complete voicemail functionality that can be accessed via phone or web. The product also supports unified messaging, enabling users to access their voicemails via alternative communication methods. In particular, PBX Lite can be configured to email notifications of received voicemails or to email voicemail messages as audio attachments to users.

Advanced Auto Attendant/IVR

PBX Lite features advanced auto attendant which allows flexible system responses to user selections. The auto attendant is fully programmable and supports a large variety of server responses including playing voice prompts or executing IVR scripts. All voice prompts are fully customizable.


PBX Lite offers Music-on-Hold functionality for calls placed on-hold and for parked calls. Administrators can customize the played music by uploading to the server audio files recorded in Microsoft Windows wav format.

Conferencing* and Follow-me*

PBX Lite can be upgraded with conferencing and follow-me features. Conferencing allows users to create public and private rooms and conduct multi-party calls, record calls and perform real-time administration via phone or web. Follow-me allows users to receive calls at multiple numbers (e.g. home phone, business phone, cell phone etc.). When a third party calls a number with enabled follow-me functionality, PBX Lite will ring all numbers from a preset follow-me list either simultaneously or sequentially until the call is either picked up or transferred to voicemail.

* Optional features

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