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Attention: This product is obsolete! Please see our Tornado M20 IP phone for similar functionality.

Tornado M5 IP Phone

Product Overview

Tornado M5 is a low cost, feature rich IP phone designed to meet the growing communication needs of consumers and small and medium businesses. With complete set of IP Centrex/PBX features, Tornado M5 is a cost-effective alternative to expensive PBX systems. Utilizing Voice-over-IP and Peer-to-Peer technology, the product enables businesses to substantially reduce the cost of long distance/international calls and to cost-effectively scale their telephone systems as their communication needs grow.

Key Features

  • Standalone IP Centrex/PBX Functionality
  • Integrated Voicemail System
  • Auto Peer Discovery
  • Automated Device Provisioning
  • Class 4 Service IVR Support
  • Customizable Distinctive Ring Tones
  • Advanced SIP Support
  • Support for Multiple Call Routes
  • Route Failover Support
  • Unified Messaging and Call Forwarding

Standalone IP Centrex/PBX Functionality

Tornado M5 IP Phone fully supports IP Centrex/PBX features without the need to interact with a central server (i.e. such features are supported internally). The device offers DID, Caller ID, Speed 2-digit Dialing, Anonymous Call Rejection, Call Forward, Call Return, 3-way Conferencing and many other IP Centrex features.

Integrated Voicemail System

Tornado M5 IP Phone comes with integrated voicemail system which can accept and record up to 80 calls/messages. Unlike traditional PBX systems which store voicemails in a central server/location, Tornado M5 stores messages locally and can make them available to users even in cases when the service provider’s network is unavailable.

Auto Peer Discovery

Tornado M5 IP Phone can automatically discover its peers located within the same local area network (LAN). Such functionality allows LAN users to talk directly with each other without the need to use third party servers such as Registrars, Proxies, or Gateways.

Automated Device Provisioning

As an alternative to manual setup, Tornado M5 allows automated provisioning through a TFTP server. Such feature enables service providers to perform large scale remote configuration from a central location. For increased security during device provisioning, Tornado M5 supports MD5 encryption.

Class 4 Service IVR Support

Tornado M5 IP Phone can function as a stand-alone class 4 service platform via its built-in support for class 4 service IVR. Such functionality enables Tornado M5 to ask users for their PIN numbers once they pick up the handset and for a destination number upon successful authentication. Actual authentication and call billing of users is done automatically on the SIP proxy level.

Customizable Distinctive Ring Tones

Tornado M5 IP Phone can play distinctive ring tones based on the Caller ID of the calling party so that users can distinguish who is calling them. The device supports 5 system ring tones and up to 16 custom ones that can be uploaded via the phone web console.

Advanced SIP Support

Tornado M5 IP Phone supports all types of SIP Registrar, Proxy, and Outbound Proxy servers to facilitate easy integration. The device uses secure MD5 or regular authentication to fit the requirements of any SIP environment.

Support for Multiple Call Routes

Tornado M5 IP Phone can route calls to multiple end points depending on the prefix of the dialed number. Such functionality enables users to additionally lower call costs by sending calls to providers that offer the lowest rates for a given area/country code.

Route Failover Support

Tornado M5 IP Phone offers improved operation via the integrated failover support. The device can be setup to reroute calls to alternative Registrar and Outbound Proxy when the servers of the primary provider are temporarily unavailable.

Unified Messaging and Call Forwarding

Tornado M5 IP Phone offers improved user reach via its unified messaging and call forwarding capabilities. Upon receiving a voicemail, Tornado M5 can be configured to forward it to a preset email address. The device can also be programmed to forward calls to alternative numbers so that users never miss a call.

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