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VoiceMaster® VoIP Billing


Billing and Rating Features

  • Ability to define call legs for billing purposes
  • Support for prepaid and postpaid billing models
  • Full support for RADIUS billing signals
  • Unlimited number of rate tables
  • Initial time, maintenance, and other charges per call
  • Management of rating increments
  • Support for profit per call and call discounts
  • Management of call time and per call adjustments
  • Automated import of provider rates

Class 4 Service Features

  • Support for multiple account types, including Active User, Network Provider, Wholesale Client, Reseller, Corporate Client and Commission Agent
  • User authentication by ANI, DNIS, PIN, IP address, tech-prefix, user name or combination of methods
  • Ability to include ANI/DNIS and custom charges and taxes in IVR prompts
  • Management of PINs generation, activation and deactivation
  • Support for unlimited number of PINs
  • Ability to deactivate accounts after certain period or date
  • Import and export of PIN batches
  • Management of call limit per PIN (based on time or expense)
  • Support for 16 Digit PINs including special characters
  • Ability to restrict users from making local, toll-free, international and other calls
  • Management of calls exceeding maximum call time threshold

System Features

  • Modular architecture allowing addition of enhanced services and features on-demand
  • Support for multiple system users with different access privileges
  • Interoperability with third party remote databases
  • Support for SSL connections to the CRM web site
  • Ability to search users by PIN, batch ID, account ID etc.
  • Support for call simulation
  • Customizable administration console

CRM Features

  • Support for multiple languages on the CRM
  • Choice of multiple CRM templates
  • History of successful/unsuccessful calls
  • Enable/disable display of ANI/Caller ID on the CRM
  • Monthly statements to users via email
  • Email notifications to users when they register, purchase time, change password etc.

Reporting Features

  • System reports, including rates, expense, profit, actual time, expense time, revenue etc.
  • Account reports, including balance, credit debit, statistics etc.
  • Revenue, profit and expense reports by provider and/or termination gateway
  • PIN reports, including active, used, depleted etc.
  • Revenue, profit and expense reports by account and user groups
  • Error messages reports
  • ASR and ACD reports
  • Reseller and distributor reports
  • Ability to visualize report results as 2D and 3D graphs

Monitoring and Alert Features

  • Monitor system processes in real-time and send alerts via email
  • Support for unlimited number of account alerts
  • Real-time monitoring of web access, errors, CDR extract and cleanup logs
  • RADIUS logs, database load and processes monitoring
  • Alerts via Email or URL upon reaching account threshold balance, user actions (sign up/cancel services or subscriptions, changes to 911 profiles etc.

Payment Features

  • Support for multiple credit card and ACH processors:, PayPal, and ENETS
  • Management of payment and processing servers from the same GUI
  • Ability to manage maximum credit card charge
  • Ability to manage credit cards on file
  • Charge automatically credit cards on a monthly basis
  • Management of credit card processing from the CRM

Custom Service Billing

  • Ability to assign custom service plans to users
  • Support for monthly custom charges per user
  • Management of custom service charges for reseller and corporate batches
  • Hourly, daily, weekly and monthly flat charges
  • Support for one time, minimum monthly, hardware, first DID, additional DID and other charges

Number Exception

  • Ability to define selective system responses based on call origination/termination number via exception number rules
  • Support for unlimited number of exception number rules
  • Accept, drop and bill calls based on exception number rules
  • Detection and blocking of fraudulent numbers
  • Exception number rules based on DNIS, ANI or destination number
  • Exception number rules based on group, local, toll-free, international and custom prefixes
  • Enforcement of account blocking based on the number of wrong PIN attempts

Calling Plans*

  • Support for standard calling plans (no roll-over minutes)
  • Support for calling plans with roll-over minutes
  • Monthly limitation on calling minutes per user
  • Unlimited number of calling plans
  • Ability to bind calling plan to time period
  • Assign calling plans by user type or area code

Managed Services*

  • Virtual partitioning of the VoiceMaster® platform
  • Support for reseller and wholesale users with access limitations
  • Ability to bind reseller/wholesale accounts to reseller/wholesale users
  • Limitation of number of routing and rate tables provided to resellers

Peak/Off-Peak Billing*

  • Ability to charge different rates by time of day and/or week
  • Support for different rates by date, time or on specific days
  • Management of floating rate and call time adjustments
  • Ability to attach time interval rules to users or area codes

* Features that are standard for VoiceMaster® Carrier Edition and optional for VoiceMaster® Standard Edition.

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