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VoiceMaster® VoIP Billing

Top 10 Optional Features

Managed Services

  • Virtual partitioning of the VoiceMaster® platform
  • Support for reseller and wholesale users with access limitations
  • Ability to bind reseller/wholesale accounts to reseller/wholesale users
  • Limitation of number of routing and rate tables provided to resellers

Calling Plans

  • Support for standard calling plans (no roll-over minutes)
  • Support for calling plans with roll-over minutes
  • Monthly limitation on calling minutes per user
  • Unlimited number of calling plans
  • Ability to bind calling plan to time period
  • Assign calling plans by user type or area code

Peak/Off-Peak Billing

  • Ability to charge different rates by time of day and/or week
  • Support for different rates by date, time or on specific days
  • Management of floating rate and call time adjustments
  • Ability to attach time interval rules to users or area codes

FlagFall Billing

  • Ability to apply additional charges based on call duration via FlagFall rules
  • Support for multiple FlagFall rules per call
  • Management of time period for enforcing FlagFall rules
  • Support for initial time charges, maintenance charges, profit per call and call discounts in FlagFall rules
  • Ability to specify FlagFall rules by user type

Progressive Billing

  • Ability to define time periods for enforcement of progressive billing rules
  • Support for initial time charges, maintenance charges, profit per call and call discounts in progressive billing rules
  • Progressive billing rules based on user type or area code
  • Unlimited number of progressive billing rules
  • Support for multiple progressive billing rules per call

Rate Switching

  • Switch rate plans if preset account threshold is exceeded
  • Ability to assign rate switching rules to active users, reseller or corporate batches
  • Management of threshold balance on a month-to-month basis

Discount Credit Time

  • Ability to apply different discounts and/or charges to selected users based on discount credit rules
  • Unlimited number of discount credit rules
  • Support for dual call time (official and call disconnect)
  • Choice of system calculated or manager specified calling time
  • Ability to attach discount rules to specific clients or area codes
  • Display actual or revenue time in the CRM

Special Numbers Billing

  • Ability to charge different rates depending on DNIS, ANI or origination gateway
  • Unlimited number of special number rules
  • Switching of rate plans and routing tables based on special number rules
  • Initial time charges, maintenance charges, profit per call and discounts
  • Support for rating increments in special number rules
  • Ability to assign special number rules to gateways and/or users
  • Multiple special numbers reports, including revenue, profit, expense etc.
  • ASR and ACD reports for special numbers
  • 2D and 3D reports for special numbers


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